Swiss Landscape Inspiration


Swiss Landscaping

If you ever wanted to take a trip to heaven on earth, then Switzerland should be on top of your list. With it’s lush green scenery and mountainous ranges in the background, Switzerland makes a great safe haven or retreat for nature lover’s and adventurer’s alike.

Zurich is one of Switzerland’s most happening cities. If you are able to pull yourself away from the museums, art galleries and boutiques even then there is so much to do in Switzerland’s largest city. It may be large, but you can also get a feeling of old-fashioned culture over there especially if you book yourself for a walking tour on one of it’s cobbled streets. Other than that, if you have kids with you or if you, yourself are an animal lover then Zurich zoo is another place to go.

Make sure you check out Geneva, near the French-Swiss border. This beautiful city, also nicknamed the ‘capital of peace’, will bring peace to your soul with its views and its gorgeous Lake Geneva. Other than that, nested in the middle of the Lake is ‘Jet d’ Eau’ is a fountain which shoots water 15O meters high and it is a breathtaking view.

Who hasn’t heard of the Swiss Alps? I am sure almost everyone has, and surely whoever has heard of them would love to go for a ski trip down the Alps at least once in their lifetime. While you are there, surely you would love to visit the Matterhorn, which is adjacent to the border of Italy. Not only does it provide stunning views but one can catch a breath of fresh air from there as well.

The landscapes of Switzerland, no doubt are one of the best creations on earth, and one of the most serene inspirations.  Take a piece of that landscape in your very own home, Elite Landscape Naperville ( is designing professional landscaping to eliminate desired garden and landscape styles.  Naperville’s Elite Landscape Group is the place to go to as they will make sure that they use the best resources and materials to make your garden stand out from the rest and make it look as if it is a piece of the Swiss landscape.

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